Friday, February 3, 2017

Facelift 2017 Underway!

Even before the year 2017 rolled in and the madness of brainstorming began for resolutions to come and, well, quickly go, I had made up my mind to be better organized this year!  Not just in my home, but in my classrooms, and office as well!  SO, here it is, February 2nd, and I am just now writing my first post in my Technology Blog which is currently under construction! (In other words, I'm claiming my first Mulligan since it's inception in 2014) I think the appropriate thing to start with is... WELCOME!

I hope you find this site informative and yet, NOT time consuming. :) It is my hope to share with you

  • brief bits of what's going on in our school pertaining to technology in the classrooms
  • some tech tips & tools
  • or some insight on our digital age and how it's impacting our families in a positive way and sometimes not so positive way.

My hope is to do all of this on a weekly basis. Sort of a

If you have questions or suggestions, please email me and I would be thrilled to share my knowledge with you, OR find the answer if I don't know it, AND THEN share my new-found knowledge! Now... as scared as I am to hit that launch button and commit to what I've started... there's no time like the present! So fill out that Subscription to your right and let me know that I'm writing all this fun stuff for somebody! :-D Thanks for checking in and remember, let's keep that technology balanced and think more tool than toy!
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