Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Windows VS. Apple (MacBooks)

This is an age-old debate!  Well, as aged as... the mid 70's?  For some, that's a whole lifetime.  For others, it really doesn't seem that long ago.  However, much like Ford and Chevy lovers, these two brands will always be debated over with strong ties to heart-strings and habits. So why does our school go with Windows?  There are several reasons, so I will list them out here to simplify your viewing pleasures...
  1. COST!  This is the main reason for our school and church to stick to this decision.  With Windows providing higher quality products in the most recent decade, there's no reason for us to spend more on a product which cost up to twice as much. Macbook's start at around $1200, where Surface's are available to our school through programs specifically set up for educational facilities starting at $800. The specs are shown in the chart below comparing the two devices and what you get for the money you spend.
  2. Platform.  With the Windows platform utilizing the Office suite and Cloud computing, this platform is in over 80% of businesses world wide. (Data collected from the netmarketshare.com site seen in the graph below) This will benefit the majority of our students, preparing them for the future, no matter what career path they follow.
  3. Quality.  As mentioned before, over the last decade, Microsoft has built stronger, longer lasting devices, beefing up the quality of their product and the support behind each device they sell.  This has been crucial to a successful tech program for our school, having made the decision to move forward with 1:1 Surface tablets in our Middle School much easier.
I know that there will always be arguments made on both ends that appeal to personal taste.  However, unlike Pepsi vs. Coke, there is no such thing as a blind taste test to conclusively determine an unbiased flavor for the best platform.  We do have some evidence to support our beliefs and help us to forge ahead with the decision based on much research including some done by Good Housekeeping.  The October issue reports by GH Innovation Lab Engineers praised the Microsoft Surface tablet saying it, "...delivered top performance, impressive battery life and crisp, clear picture quality." In addition to this, Microsoft is offering tools to help those with academic struggles or simply boost student performance for those without.  Tools such as the Immersive Reader Tool allows students to have text read to them while simultaneously highlighting the words, giving options for colored text, speed, and spacing. Teacher tools include the expansive OneNote Notebook, allowing teachers to digitally distribute, track, grade, and collaborate with school work assigned to their students.  Less paperwork, less stress. With a budget friendly, comprehensive platform, and quality rich option such as Windows and Surface tablets, how could we go wrong?
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