Tools NOT Toys

This page was created because I get so many questions about how to keep our children safe while allowing them to use technology, especially on the internet.  I would encourage you to start by thinking of digital devices as “Tools NOT Toys.”  Once you adapt this concept and realize, “tools” can be fun for your children too, you can explore the following information with the understanding that it’s not meant to take away the excitement of computers, tablets, and digital devices, but enhance what they learn and begin to build positive habits for their future.

First and foremost
, I truly believe the most important answer to any and all of your questions is, supervision!  In addition to this, I hope to share with you multiple tools which will give you a well-rounded view when dealing with:

Internet Safety
Digital Citizenship
Technology Moderation
Educating Yourself

Just follow any of the links above and each page should take you to an entire wealth of resources.  I hope to keep these up to date and share more information as it becomes available and relevant.

Have a suggestion? Email me and let me know!  I love sharing my knowledge, but love it even more when you share yours!