Digital Citizenship

Josh Ochs is my hero with this topic.  He really emphasizes that Social Media is NOT the enemy.  How it’s used can be.  His site, is packed with great advice for both parents and tweens/teens on how to be Light, Bright, & Polite, teaching our children how to “Shine Online!”

We were blessed with his appearance here at Holy Cross 2 years ago.
He came to personally speak with parents and students about this topic.  Although I could point in the direction of many sites which speak to the importance of “Digital Citizenship”, Josh covers it all.

Some of the topics you will find featured on his site include:

AND SO MUCH MORE!  Be sure to check out his site and sign up for FOOTPRINT FRIDAY for FREE!  Josh offers this tool which helps parents monitor their student’s social media presence every Friday in less than 5 minutes.