Internet Safety

To reiterate what was said on the “Tools NOT Toys” page, the MOST Important thing is to supervise!  If you aren’t aware and involved in what your children are seeing and doing online, then nothing shared on this page will help.

Children begin learning from an early age about safety!
You tell them things like,

“look both ways before crossing the street”
“don’t touch the hot stove”
“don’t talk to strangers”

and much more!

Watch the following video and observe how children also learn from watching you.

The following are links to sites that all offer Online Safety tips and more resources.

  • – Josh Ochs is a Social Media expert and a resource I use in our classrooms to help guide students in being safe, smart and social.
  • NetSmartz – This site has information to share with even your tiniest tot.  Tips for children through teens with varying levels of seriousness.
  • FBI – This site is managed by the FBI themselves and has many informative games and skill challenges for kids of all ages. They will learn a lot about the how the FBI deals with Cyber Crime as a unit as well.
  • FBI Islands – This site is an extension to the FBI site above with more focus on grades 3-8 internet safety.  Kids will work their way through the island pertaining to their age group answering questions and learning more about surfing the internet safely.