Educating Yourself

No matter how intimidated you may feel by technology, you MUST get yourself educated and comfortable with it before you can set standards and expectations for your child. Remembering the newly adapted concept, “Tools NOT Toys”, here are a few tips to help you overcome any anxiety you may experience, OR guide your confidence in a direction your child won’t be intimidated by you.

  1. Be informed! Ignorance is NOT bliss!  Set a goal to learn 1 new skill at a time.  Once you’ve mastered that, move onto another skill, and another, and another etc.  Before long, you too will be “tech savvy!”
  2. Ask your child to teach you.  It important to keep an open dialogue with your child regarding technology.  If you feel your child already knows more than you, I guarantee they would love to take the “teacher role” and “show off” their tech savvy skills.  Make sure to use words like,
    “Show me…” or “Teach me…” 
    Don’t say things like, “I don’t understand.” or “What’s that?” 
  3. Be patient.  Make sure to set time aside specifically for learning.  Don’t ask questions when you’re driving down the road or even sitting at the dinner table.  If you do ask your child to teach you, make an appointment with them.  You might be surprised how special this can make them feel.
  4. Google it!  If you don’t know and you want to get a quick tutorial on the subject at hand, there’s no place like Google!  Search articles, videos, and even images.  You can type full questions into the search bar, and since Google owns YouTube, you’re likely to get a list of video tutorials as well in the top ten list.
  5. NO closed doors! Keep your technology in a public place at ALL times! Don’t let it be anywhere near their bedrooms, bedrooms are for sleeping.  Even as your child gets into their teens, privacy with technology is an earned trust, NOT an entitlement! (Read more about this on the Technology Moderation page.)

Links to additional resources for parents.

  • – This site is the best at giving you a nicely outlined lesson and a short video tutorial on each topic you choose to learn about.
  • Browsers
  • Game Ratings